Your Positive Birth: Plan

Think there's no point making a birth plan? Think again!

Milli Hill, author of the bestselling Positive Birth Book, will take you through every possible birth choice, step by step, in this accessible and clear online course.

Using her popular Visual Birth Plan icons, designed by award winning artist Kate Evans, Milli will guide you through the birth plan process, helping you to make more than one birth plan to cover different scenarios.

This course is designed to be worked through at your own pace, and will help to make your birth more positive, no matter what kind of birth you want, or end up having. 

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have a clear and beautiful Visual Birth Plan for different scenarios
  • Understand your choices and rights for all types of birth
  • Know how to ask for and get what you want in the birth room
  • Feel positive and excited about birth

To make this course accessible to as many people as possible, it's priced at just £19. 

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Explore Your Choices

One of the key messages of this course is that you have a choice! A huge part of the value of making a birth plan is in learning about all of the different choices you have, in literally every type of birth. This course will inform you about every possible birth choice in every possible scenario.

21 Clear Modules

Milli takes you through all of the information you need to make a plan, and everything is covered in clear, easy to follow modules with warm and personal videos. From caesarean birth, to the first hour postnatally, to pain relief, to induction, this course will inform you and get you thinking about all aspects of your birth.

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Build a Visual Birth Plan

Visual Birth Plans are popular with pregnant women, partners, and care providers alike because they provide a simple, one page, easy-to-read guide to your key choices. This course includes a download of the 98 beautiful icons from artist Kate Evans, featured in Milli's Positive Birth Book, alongside several sample birth plans.

Information is Power!

I'm Milli Hill, bestselling author of The Positive Birth Book and Give Birth like a Feminist, and the founder of The Positive Birth Movement. In nearly a decade of writing about birth and supporting pregnant women and families, one of my biggest passions is THE BIRTH PLAN! I'd go so far as to say that birth plans are a feminist issue - because they are SO helpful to women and yet they are SO often dismissed and belittled and discouraged. I'm here to tell you, don't be put off, because the process of making a plan is vital to help you get informed, and maximise your chances of that positive birth you want and deserve. 

When you work through this course, you won't just be making a plan, you'll be embarking on a huge learning curve about your rights and choices in childbirth. Each module will take you through your different options in detail, helping you to not only have a clear plan for your ideal birth, but also to know what elements are important for you to hold on to if your birth goes off track. In other words, you'll make a Plan A, but you'll make a Plan B - and maybe C or D - as well!

If you have a partner, you can get them on board with this learning too, so that you can both decide what's important for you and make sure you use your voice to say what you want and need. 

Throughout the course we'll be using the 98 specially designed Visual Birth Plan icons from my book, and these are included in the course content too as both a pdf and a zip file of jpegs. There's sample birth plans too, from real women who have used them in their births. You can bring all this learning together to build your perfect Plan A, and your contingency plans too, and feel fully prepared for every eventuality. 



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Ella Mills

Deliciously Ella

"I feel so lucky to have read Milli's book while pregnant, she completely changed my way of looking at giving birth."


Sarah Turner

The Unmumsy Mum

"It is so refreshing to read something positive about all types of birth - I didn't feel like I was being preached to. I wish I had read The Positive Birth Book during my pregnancies!"

Hayley Tammadon

Emmerdale, Dancing on Ice, Coronation Street

“The Positive Birth Book is so good I read it TWICE! And now my fiance is reading it! Thank you. It’s a brilliant book that all mums to be should read!”

Course Content

Each section is a full module with video from Milli

  • Hello from Milli
  • My obsession with birth plans - sharing some reflections on my passion for birth plans
  • What's the point of a plan? Challenging some outdated stereotypes about birth plans and getting you thinking about them in new ways
  • Choices and Rights - the 'two steel beams' that underpin your birth plan
  • What's a Visual Birth Plan? - introducing the VBP concept, and the icons you need
  • Building your plan, includes:
  • Where do I want to be? - making the choice of where to give birth
  • Who do I want to be with me? - does it matter who else is in the room?
  • A bit about myself - what do you bring to birth, and what do you want from the experience?
  • The birth environment - planning the look and feel of your birth space, and why this matters
  • Pain relief and comfort - how will you cope with labour?
  • Induction and augmentation - what will you do if you are overdue or your labour slows down?
  • Vaginal Exams - under what circumstances will you consent to this assessment?
  • Monitoring - what kind of monitoring will you choose if necessary?
  • 'Pushing' and assisted delivery - the moment of birth and your wishes around this
  • Planning the hour after birth - there are many choices to make about this 'hour of power' 
  • Best Possible Caesarean - a full caesarean plan, whether it's your first choice or not
  • Finding the evidence - how and where to look for the evidence to help make informed choices in any and every pregnancy situation
  • Standing up for yourself - how to voice your needs in your care
  • Birth plans in a pandemic - how does covid affect birth planning?
  • Goodbye - closing thoughts
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