Your Positive Birth: Pandemic

The only online birth course built specifically with the pandemic in mind, with everything you need to have a positive birth in these difficult times. Including 12 specially made hypnobirthing downloads, and packed with information and advice from bestselling authors Sophie Fletcher (Mindful Hypnobirthing) and Milli Hill (Positive Birth Book), the pack will reassure you and give you a clear and easy to use toolkit to stay calm and focused.

With this course, you can choose the price to reflect your financial circumstances. Pay the full price of £25, or half price £12.50. And as of January 2021, we have introduced a third special option of paying just £5, especially for those women and families in need due to the ongoing pandemic.

We trust you to pick the price that best fits your situation. Whichever amount you pay, you get the same course, and we still donate 10% of the profits from each course purchased to our nominated charities.

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12 Hypnobirthing Downloads

Specially made by Sophie, a leading expert in perinatal hypnotherapy, including 'Positive birth in difficult times', and a special series to listen to in labour, including 'making a choice' and 'contraction wave'.

14 Clear Modules

Sophie and Milli walk you through the essential information you need, along with warm and helpful videos. Including Mindset Toolkit, birth or appointments without your partner, what to do if labour slows or stops and much more!

25 Practical Exercises

This course is solution focused and packed with dozens of tips, tricks and techniques to understand the mind body relationship and make it work for you. From a portable oxytocin toolkit, to creative suggestions and downloads for the postnatal period, the pack is a goldmine of ideas.

A positive birth experience is still possible...

We are Milli Hill, Positive Birth Movement founder and author of the bestselling Positive Birth Book, and Sophie Fletcher, renowned hypnobirthing specialist and author of Mindful Hypnobirthing. Between us our books have sold over one hundred thousand copies, and we've got over 25 years experience of supporting women to have the better births. 

We’ve teamed up to bring you this clear and practical pack of hypnobirthing tracks, simple tools and knowledge, to help you have the most positive birth possible against the backdrop of a global pandemic. 

The course includes 14 clear and accessible sections, during which we take you through an incredibly diverse range of topics, all geared towards helping you change your mindset and go into birth feeling stronger and more confident. 

You will learn more about how the brain works; tried and trusted techniques like mindfulness, visualisation and reframing; how to let go of fear and maximise oxytocin; what to try if labour slows or stops; positive techniques for the worst case scenario of attending scans or birthing without your partner; hypnosis ‘scripts’ for your partner to record; decision making tools; and your human rights in childbirth.  Throughout the course there are practical exercises to try, which will benefit you even if you only have a few days left of your pregnancy. 

The course includes:

  • 14 clear modules with video
  • 12 specially made hypnobirthing downloads including one for 'Positive Birth in difficult times'
  • Hypnosis 'scripts' for your partner to record
  • 25+ practical exercises to develop a positive mindset

The course is also suitable for you, wherever you are in the world.

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10% of profits from the sale of each pack currently goes to Maternity Action. Previous nominated charities were Pregnant then Screwed, Project Mama, Birthrights and AIMS. To nominate a charity to benefit, get in touch. 

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“The course made me feel like I wasn’t alone with my thoughts, and that I wasn’t being irrational still wanting an amazing birth given the circumstances. I was starting to feel like I should just get over it… but that is so not the case! Thanks for giving me the power I needed in these changing times!"

Victoria McAleese

Buy Now £5
Buy Now £12.50
Buy Now £25

Course Modules

  • Hello from Milli and Sophie
  • The Downloads - 12 specially recorded hypnobirthing tracks from Sophie Fletcher
  • Difficult Times : Difficult Feelings - acknowledging it's hard to give birth in these times, and two practical exercises for self compassion and letting go of anxiety
  • The Three Brains - how your brain works in labour with practical tools to create and stay in a 'birth bubble'.
  • Your Mindset Toolkit - more on the mind and body and the tools of hypnobirthing, visualisation, affirmations, mindfulness and reframing, with several practical exercises to try
  • Oxytocin and Letting go of Fear - all about this key birth hormone and how to create a portable oxytocin kit you can take anywhere
  • What to do if labour progress slows - dozens of practical ideas for slow or stalled labour
  • BRAIN and HEART - two simple tools to help you make decisions and hold on to your key values in labour
  • Appointments or birth without your partner - including four practical suggestions for this worst case scenario
  • Sibling challenges - thinking through the issue of what to do with other children during labour
  • Your Birth Rights - what are your human rights in birth under covid?
  • The 4th Trimester - positive ideas for the early weeks of parenting including a special visualisation download to help you feel connected to the wider world
  • Final Thoughts
  • Resources - specially selected for pandemic maternity

Lottie Burton

"I am so grateful to have found this pack during this pandemic. I now feel well equipped for any situation, any setting, and anything else that could change. The pack didn't just give me the tools I needed, it restored my hope and excitement."

Louise Smith

"This pack was an absolute gift in the face of social isolation, a toolkit to combat the self doubt and worries that I have been feeling. Thanks to this pack I’m going into labour feeling much more confident and supported."

Kirsty Woods

"I have been feeling very anxious and the strategies and resources in this pack are just invaluable. I've found the audio tracks really, really useful and been listening to them every night. Thanks so much for making such a positive difference.”

Buy Now £5
Buy Now £12.50
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